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New GI Bill Offers Massive Benefits – NPR
“By 1947, the president said, half of all Americans enrolled in college were veterans. Eight million veterans who were educated under the original GI Bill, Mr. Obama added, became the backbone of the largest middle class in U.S. history.”

I did not know this. That’s pretty cool.

Mom Entrepreneur Success Strategies – Startup Princess
“If you take your kids to the pool during the day, let that be kid time. Don’t take your lap top. If you answer email at the end of the day, let your children know that this is work time. If you are starting your business from home it is too easy to let work creep into every waking hour you are at home which does no service to ether your family or your business. Set clear timeframes for both.’”

I struggle with this lack of attention on a daily basis, and it doesn’t even have to do with starting a business! I simply let tasks bleed into kid-time, and kid-time bleed into task-time, which always ends up making everyone grouchy. This week I’ve really started disciplining myself to writing or doing other computer tasks during set times, and turning off the phone when I’m out with the kids. I find the kids are way more cooperative if they know my work time is defined, and that I won’t be distracted when we’re hanging out.

How to freeze fresh green beans – Green Beans N’ More
Green beans were recently on sale for $0.99/lb, plus I’m growing some in my garden, so I wanted to stash some away in the freezer for the winter months!

Geek Girl: A Life Story – Maya Bisineer
Maya presented at Ignite Seattle the same night I did, and we’ve become fast friends. We’ve all decided her next Ignite talk needs to be How To Pick Up a Geek Girl.

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  1. Hi Jen, I think your first drafts are pretty darn good… 😉 agree that my kid time/work time bleed together way too much, working on that as well! Thanks so much for the link and mention of our site. Hope to see you again soon on Startup Princess!

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