For all my crafty friends (and fans of Dawn)

My friend Dawn needed a camera carrying case for the new nifty camera she bought for a road trip with her sister. Being the crafty girl that she is, she set out to make herself one with fabric on hand, and asked me if I had any batting to use as padding. I did not, being that I am not crafty – in the way of sewing, anyway.

This being a typical late-night inspiration with an early departure planned for the morning, we had to improvise.

I remembered a box of stuffed animals I was donating to the Salvation Army, so I pulled out one cute tiger to sacrifice his insides for the sake of functionality. Not even an hour later, Dawn presented her new camera carrying case, most definitely redirected from her original plan, having decided to use the tiger as the case.

I never did ask her how it worked out. You reading this, Dawn?


One thought on “For all my crafty friends (and fans of Dawn)”

  1. I’m reading it :). My sister, Pasha directed me to your happy blog about my camera case. It works quite well. Our road trip was also a big success. I also think it is a good decoy for any meanie who would try to pick pocket my purse. Thanks for the tiger. You didn’t mention that your daughter noticed it right away stating that she had a tiger just like mine. Pasha saved the day, stating that my tiger was different because mine had a camera in it. Or maybe it is not so different after all … 🙂

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