…and it was smote.

I have dreaded this day since that fateful conversation about canceling our cable, and it has now arrived. Funny thing is, it’s not really as big a deal as I made it to be in my head.

Our cable was reduced to basic reception on Saturday, but none of us has been the wiser. The kids watched a little PBS this morning while I got ready, then were content to have a tea party and play outside. Last night I had too much on my mind to sleep, but there was nothing good on t.v. to distract me. So I popped Steel Magnolias into the VCR and was out in twenty minutes.

As long as I can watch episodes of FX’s The Shield online, I should be just fine.

4 thoughts on “…and it was smote.”

  1. We gave ours up a few years ago but I was THIS close (fingers spread 1/10 in. apart) to signing back up when Pea was first born and I was up at all hours nursing, not to mention all the time just sitting at home. Somehow I stuck with it and we still only have Basic, aka “enough to get normal stations like NBC and CBS and TONS of comm. access stations showing endless hours of not-funny-at-all homemade videos and creepy people preaching.” Thank god for Netflix.

  2. We gave it up not too long ago and I am liking the “quiet”. The tv is one less noise that has to be competed with in my noise sensitive mind. We don’t miss it, the kids don’t miss it, and they play outside more or up in their rooms, and we watch videos that we haven’t seen in a long time. We have reintroduced our kids to VeggieTales, videos that we ALL used to love that were put aside for OnDemand and many more channels. That love is being rekindled or introduced (our youngest at 4, doesn’t remember Bob or Larry). All this to say, I am glad 99% of the time that the tv is gone (something I thought I would never say).

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