Fits and Spurts

The times, they are a-busy.

(Doesn’t that sound poetic? More poetic than, Sorry I haven’t written in awhile?)

I have many thoughts brewing and several essays started, but I can’t seem to get my thoughts out just right. And I don’t mean ‘just right’ in the drafting sense of writing, but ‘just right’ in the way you wake up from a vivid dream that comforts you in those first fuzzy moments of wakefulness, then suddenly in the clarity of morning you can’t quite make sense of it enough to retell the story.

So here it sits in my mind for awhile, and in the drafts folder of The Pile. And it’s possible I may hold these thoughts close until a Different Time.

But life is good. I am at peace. My soul floats above the stress as it should in times of deep reliance on His word.

Perhaps this is why there is no urgency to post – the post is not the source of my peace right now, and that’s a great place for a girl like me to be.

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