First World Problems


Today technology is not bowing down to me. In fact, it is quite certainly giving me The Finger. My trick to getting work done in the afternoon is for Thomas to watch a movie, but guess what? The DVD player is crapping out, and for an unknown reason movies won’t play from the laptop.

No problem! I’ll just put the movie on Bryan’s computer in the office and wear headphones to keep The Clone Wars from distracting me. Right?

Of course not. You knew that wouldn’t work, though, didn’t you?

For some reason iTunes can’t find my music library. And I can’t plug the headphones into my iPhone because of that stupid jack issue with first generation phones.

So here I sit half an hour later, wearing headphones that won’t play music but will at least muffle the distractions.

Oh who are we kidding – they’re just keeping my ears warm.

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