First Inaugural ZugHaus Soup Swap

soupswap.jpgMy friend Laurie, who lives on the East Coast, alerted me to this annual event here in Seattle – National Soup Swap Day. It started out local, but has become popular around the country.

I love the Internet.

So anyhow, we’re hosting a Soup Swap! Following are the details. If you plan to come, please leave a comment – include the type of soup you plan to bring, if possible, so we can plan on a variety. If you don’t live here but think it’s a great idea, I suggest you host your own!

ZugHaus Soup Swap
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm
Location: ZugHaus

What to Bring:
Bring SIX quarts of a frozen soup. Six quarts is generally the biggest stock pot in most kitchens (1 quart = 2 pints = 4 cups = 32 fluid ounces). Often the recipes will need doubled or tweaked to get this amount. Bring six quarts of the same soup if possible, but if you show up with two kinds of soup to make the required SIX quarts we will not turn you away – the real requirement is that everyone has the same amount of soup in same size containers.

Be mindful of soups that do not freeze well, like potato or cream soups. Identify your soups with labels or marker in case your containers look the same as someone else’s. And finally, be sure to include any necessary “accessories” to your soup, like cheese (also in a freezable container).

What to Expect:
7:00 – arrive promptly with your soup. We’ll display all the quarts in one place – likely my dining table.
7:20 – the Telling of the Soup! This is each chef’s opportunity to talk about what makes their soup special. Is it organic? It is spicy? Does it have anything someone might not be able to eat? Is it a treasured recipe?
8:00 – the soup swap! Participants will each be given a number. Person #1 picks the first soup, Person #2 the second and so on, until everyone has selected a soup. Repeat six times until all the soup is gone.
8:30 – Everyone should now be leaving with the same amount of soup, but now it is a wonderful mix of soup!


  • There will be a prize for the first soup picked and the last soup picked.
  • You don’t have to be present to participate. Just make arrangements to drop off the soup, and choose someone to pick your soups for you (proxy pickers will pick last).
  • If you bring a non-perishable food item (or two), we’ll donate it to the Renton Salvation Army food bank.

Finally, be sure to check out the Soup Swap Blog for fun pictures of swaps past – like this one!

7 thoughts on “First Inaugural ZugHaus Soup Swap”

  1. As long as the Mars Hill community group does not meet here on Weds night (the one in Factoria – they are looking for a new home & may be here, probably not though as our house is not central to the group), I will be there.
    I love the Soup idea and want to suggest using the large plastic containers like Amy’s Organic Yogurt or the Costco cottage cheese containers (clean, of course) as they hold 6-8 cups. I will bring daughter Karen’s famous Chickpea (aka Garbanzo Bean) soup.
    From the Von Baurichter haus

  2. If I am not over soupswapped out (hard to imagine) this sounds like fun.

    We often resuse our yogurt containers for soup swap, but on the keys to a successful soup swap is that everyone is using the same size containers!
    We’ve found that the one quart size is easiest to manage (4 cups to a quart) and that most folks have a post in the kitchen that will make 6 quarts (sometimes you have to add a little stock at the end 😉 )

    I mention this as everyone is on the hunt to resuse which is way better than recycling: make sure you get the right size (or right combination tied together with ribbon!) to equal a quart!

    We’re swapping in Greenlake, and certainly welcome any swappers or folks who just want to drink some wine, meet some new folks and see how we do it. It should be a “major” swap with well over 20 soups to choose from! Good times! (and yep, We’re Seattle!)

  3. Would love to attend as we love soup! But it’s Isaac’s birthday/AWANA night…have fun for us!

  4. YA-HOOOO!!!! I have been racking my brain for a way to invite some old and new neighbors in to our new home and wanted to do something with soup in January, but I could not make a decision. I think this post is an answer to my prayer. : )

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