Family Reunion

This weekend Bryan and I participated in a training conference that brought together people we hadn’t seen in years, and I was able to catch up with friends from back in The Day. My weekend was full of deep, rich, fifteen-minute catch-up conversations.

What struck me the most was the vivid transformation of so many friends – women I was close to, as one friend put it, during such a pivotal time in our lives as we contemplated marriage and babies and other life altering decisions – women, who have now grown, and been broken, and rebuilt, and are so different than I remember, yet so familiar. It felt like such a celebration of God’s grace and mercy, and served as another reminder that God does not leave us in one place, that I will not always be where I am right now.

I was also encouraged to hear that so many of these women have been transformed while serving in leadership roles – that there is no illusion of perfection among the leadership of this community, that humility and brokenness is a welcomed part of ministry within the church.

The culture of hope within the community was downright infectious!

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion”

  1. sweet friend,
    it was wonderful seeing you and Bryan this weekend..
    lets for sure get a date on the calendar for you guys to come over for dinner and you and the kids here for a play date!

  2. that sounds lovely. it is very hard to remember, in this moment, that we will move forward and that we ARE moving forward.

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