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I’m back in the saddle again with another book club. After two previous book clubs I was part of, including one through my previous church and one through my friend, Maryam, I have been recruited. A good friend asked me to participate with a small group of six women who would each take turns picking a book and leading the discussion, and our first selection for discussion in June is The Alchemist.

I read for an hour this morning and am already hooked.

We have decided to keep our group small, and apparently we were all picked because of our likelihood of actually reading the book. I may not have been prepared for that in the past, but I have recently reclaimed reading as a priority, and wake up at 6am each morning just so I can read before the kids get up.

We left each book selection up to the host/discussion leader for the month. In Maryam’s book club we all submitted book title options and drew from a jar each month.

How does your book club choose titles to read? Or if you’re not part of a book club, how do you choose titles to read on your own?

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  1. My wife and I just started an online literary community called which gives members the ability to discuss what they are reading with people all over the world. Since members can create their own online book clubs/discussions and post book reviews, we usually get ideas from them. Right now my wife and I are reading My Sister’s Keeper (which I see you have read) as well as Nineteen Minutes also by Jodi Piccoult.

    Everything we read is by recommendation and we usually aren’t disappointed. Come by and check out our site sometime. WE would love to have your participation.

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