Do you know your days of the week?

Ruthie does! And she’ll sing ’em for ya!

But first I would like to point out her cheeks. Aren’t they just yummy?! I saw those cheeks on an ultrasound photo when I was 26 weeks pregnant, and they have always been adorable.

Also, the level of her concentration impressed me. Maybe if you’re not her mother you don’t notice, but she’s very focused on the finger movements and the snapping. She’s working that brain, big time!

And yes, she appears to be singing to the tune of The Adams Family.

One thought on “Do you know your days of the week?”

  1. Yaay – That was such beautiful music sung to me about the Days of the Week. You had such a happy smile and your fingers were really working hard to name off all of those days of the week. But I have a secret to tell you I CAN’T SNAP MY FINGERS LIKE YOU CAN!! NOT ONE SINGLE SOUND COMES OUT!!

    Good night, happy girl!!

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