Firemen riding bikesfiremen walking to the cupcake shop

It was rainy over Thanksgiving weekend, but that didn’t stop us from getting out. Thomas and a friend spent some time together doing boy things, which involved riding bikes and playing with Transformers, to name just a couple. There was also talk of Kung Fu Panda and Light Saber battles.

The cupcake shop was golden with boys the afternoon we were there – at one point I counted SIX, with no girls in sight, save the mothers.

Lately my neighborhood has felt very Mayberry-like. Firemen blow their horns and wave at my son as they blaze by with lights and sirens blaring, and I run into parents from the bus stop while ordering a cappuccino at the coffee shop. Thomas calls one of our neighborhood friends The Funny Man, as in “MOMMY CAN WE GO FOLLOW THE FUNNY MAN?”

I have many things to be thankful for, including boys, friends, and a great urban neighborhood.

making friends at the cupcake shopplaying transformers at the cupcake shop

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