Do you know Bob?

Every Thursday we host a small group of friends in our home. We eat dinner together and hash out the challenges of living a meaningful life.

Our friend Bob usually brings dessert because he shows up a little late, after he gets off work.

Bob is now Bob the Dessert Guy in the eyes of my children. Thomas actually believes that Bob’s home is lined with shelves of cakes and brownie bites.

He begs me all the time to take him to Bob’s house.

Last fall when we were in California, Grandma served up ice cream after dinner. There was discussion around the table re our favorite desserts, and Thomas said, “Do you know Bob?”

I had to dash into the kitchen, laughing uncontrollably as Thomas talked about Bob and his desserts as if everyone knew who Bob was. I mean, why wouldn’t you know who Bob was? Bob is the Dessert Guy!

But this is who Thomas is. He invites you into his experiences. He wants you to see what he’s seeing, to taste what he’s tasting. It’s never a complete experience until he can share it with you.

So Thomas knows Bob the Dessert Guy, and he thinks you should too. Wanna come over this Thursday?

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