Death by Packing Tape

We moved last week…

(and over the weekend, and during this whole week, and again this weekend)

(it’s a long story)

…and because I am cheap about weird things, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a tape gun I’d only use once.

(like maybe twenty bucks?)

(see what I mean about weird things?)

It seemed rational at the time because I hadn’t moved in almost 9 years, and why else would I need a tape gun??

So I packed a bazillion boxes by tearing the packing tape with my teeth. Bryan used a pair of scissors, but I didn’t have time for silly accessories to slow me down. I packed WAY more boxes than he did.

At any rate, as I’m winding down the packing-palooza and considering all the packing tape I’ve gotten stuck in my teeth, I was reminded of this very untimely Death by Cheap Envelope Glue, and it had me a little worried.

Is packing tape toxic??

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