Living at the Venue’s Back Door


Shortly after we moved in, the kids and I were waiting for the school bus when four giant semi trucks skimmed their way down our narrow, tree lined street. Later I saw more trucks inside the Key Arena gates and lining both sides of two streets. I’m talking BIG semi-trucks and HUGE tour busses with dark, tinted windows.

Then I turned the corner and caught a glimpse of the Key Arena marquee: MADONNA WAS IN TOWN. Call me weird, but sometimes I nerd out on behind the scenes action more than the show itself.

Now we try to guess the concert by its fans. For instance, there was was the cowboy boot and leather fringe crowd for Carrie Underwood.

Then last Friday it was late middle aged couples dressed like they were going to the neighborhood tavern for a pint. I thought, hockey? Jimmy Buffet?

The next day I looked it up: Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Such is life at the business end of an event venue.

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