Book Review: The Complete Organic Pregnancy

Absolutely AGES ago, Harper Collins Publishing sent me a book to review on my site, and while I LOVED the book, I never seemed to find the time to tell YOU why I loved the book so much.

The book is The Complete Organic Pregnancy, and no, I am not pregnant.

It’s a fantastic reference book, as it contains lists. Do you like lists? I love lists. I love turning to a page that gives me a list of chemicals to avoid in my make-up, or what the numbers mean on the bottom of plastic containers, or the top twelve most contaminated non-organic fruits and vegetables.

(for instance, did you know that if you can’t afford to buy organic, that kiwis are better than strawberries? Broccoli is better than spinach? And bananas are better than apples?)

What I like most about the book is that the authors are realistic about the impracticality of me rummaging through my home, purging all existing personal supplies, food, insulation, drywall, and furniture. They present the information without causing me to panic.

Except for the section on detoxing the home. It was a little overwhelming to learn about all the things in my home that poison my children – the air, the water, the paint, oh my! But I also learned that Ikea is a very environmentally-friendly company, and many of my things come from Ikea, so my panic was short lived.

Plus, I can’t afford to tear down my house and build a new one. So I kind of HAVE to get a grip.

But overall, pregnant or not, I recommend the book. It affected the next bottle of shampoo I bought (Trader Joe’s), and where I buy my produce from (local). The information was very compelling without being alarmist.

I say, go for it.

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  1. What a delightful review, Jen! Reading the review has to be at least as fun as reading the book. You have me convinced I want this one.

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