blood draw

Ruthie, post blood draw

My little girl had a blood draw yesterday, and she was very brave. The lab technicians gave her a princess frisbee as they set her up, and asked her to name all the princesses.

She hadn’t even made it past Belle by the time the vial was full, and it was so quick there wasn’t even time to shed a tear.

They were awesome, and she was a rock star.

2 thoughts on “blood draw”

  1. Neat trick. One I used:
    – plan to have my 4yo sit in my lap during the blood draw
    – accidentally / on purpose bonk his elbow on the chair armrest
    – while he’s crying, explain to him that the doctors are “fixing” his elbow
    – bandaid applied, all better

  2. Wow – this is MUCH more gentle than the three people holding A to the table while a 4th draws the blood. May suggest this to my pediatrician.

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