Blogher Day One – Gigs of Information and Social Awkwardness

Video Blogging Workshop

It’s a funny thing about me – you could have put me in front of a microphone on stage to address all 400 people at Blogher today and I would have stunned you with my articulate genius. I commented freely and confidently in all the sessions I attended. But I couldn’t even manage to introduce myself to the gal I sat next to at lunch today.

Strange, but true. I am an awkward social networker.

Sadly, after said lunch mate turned out to be the session leader for the Ten Types of Web Writing session I attended, I realized I missed out on conversation with a truly hilarious and witty woman.

Oh well, I DID talk to a stranger at the airport, so there is progress in my social networking awkwardness.

On another note, there are two things I would never want to be perceived as. One, is a tourist – I will go to great lengths to look like a local when traveling.

Two, is a fan-girl. I’m not really into celebrity. I’d much rather chase fire engines for excitement. But when I saw Heather Armstrong across the room – in real life – my reflexes kicked in and my arm shot out in front of me with camera in hand. The picture nearly snapped itself.

This is me photo stalking Heather Armstrong

It was an exciting, information-filled day, and I’m very grateful to be here. I will get a decent night’s sleep and try to be less awkward tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Blogher Day One – Gigs of Information and Social Awkwardness”

  1. Oh, you can network. You had me at Nemo….

    OMG, but then again, our boys look like twins. Or like my child belongs to you.

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