Small World

So I’m standing at the gate at the Seattle airport letting my kids run around a bit before strapping them in for a two hour flight, when a guy appears next to me and I INSTANTLY know who he is.

“Excuse me,” I say. “Are you married someone named Amanda?”

I think he freaks out a little, though I didn’t actually see it because I had to chase after Thomas. I don’t blame him for freaking out, because he’s not even in his home town and who in the world would recognize him in Seattle, right?

I return from the chase. “I read your wife’s blog and recognized you from her pictures.”

We were both totally floored by the chance meeting, and I’m glad we got to talk.

This year’s theme for Blogher is ‘How Has Your Blog Changed Your World,” and one way it has changed mine is to expand it. Here I was, talking to someone who was otherwise a total stranger, but sharing the blog-o-spere with his wife connected us.

And I don’t talk to strangers, so it was a big deal for me.

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