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I just squealed like a (very geeky) 2 year old because I managed to download and install a Facebook Like button on my blog ALL BY MYSELF.

Do you see it up there at the top of my post? ISN’T IT AMAZING?

In its virgin state it says, “Be the first of your friends to like this.” And since I’m a very kind friend to myself, I did the honors of “liking” my own post on my own blog JUST BECAUSE.

And then when I went back to refresh the page it said, “Jen Zug and 2 others like this.”


Two people like me besides my mother and my husband!

I frantically clicked all around the page to try and figure out who these other people are that like me, but I could not ascertain this very important information.

So whoever you are that likes me: THANK YOU.

In related news, you can also TWEET my post if you’re hip like that. Oh yeah, check out that retweet button down there at the bottom – you know you wanna hit that.

It’s only a matter of time, now, before my page loads go from the high 70’s to, like, much higher than that.


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