Basement Remodel Saga: Part II

Taking out the old chimney

THAR SHE BLOWS! This is one of our framers. His boss took it upon himself to tell me all of this guy’s personal business, which at first made me uncomfortable. But then, when they gave him the job of tearing down the chimney to let off some steam, I was in on the har-de-har-har.

We now have walls – sort of. We have framed walls you can see here. The sheet rock will come after the electrician finishes fixing all the crazy homespun work done by other people. It’s never as easy as you think it’s going to be – especially in these old houses where many upgrades have been made over the years.

When the electrician showed up at my door this morning my faced turned red he was so cute. I was thinking that if I was still single I’d be needing a lot of rewiring done!

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