Zugcycle Ride


Bryan and I used some money we were gifted at Christmas this year to buy new bikes for ourselves. The kids have always had wheels, but we were getting left in the dust as we walked along behind them on the river trail.

A couple weeks ago we dusted them off for the first time and went for a family bike ride. And “dusting off” is not just a figure of speech, either. We store them on a stacking bike rack in our dining room, which means they don’t get dusted just like everything else in my dining room.


I’m pretty sure I haven’t ridden a bike since I was twenty-two, so I was part terrified and part invigorated. But at least I know how to use my brakes, which is more than I could say for Ruthie. She narrowly avoided flipping herself over a parking curb at the bottom of a hill, but thankfully we all came home in one piece.

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