Zoe’s Family Says Thank You

Zoe is leaving the ICU today, and she continues to make great progress in her recovery. Since Zoe was born, her family has not been able to attend church or even spend much time with friends due to her susceptibility to infections and illness, so they shot some footage that I was able to edit into the following video. This was shown at church this morning.

As a side note for any media geeks who care about this sort of thing, this project was my first attempt at leaving behind Windows Movie Maker, and using the more robust Adobe Premier video editing software.

5 thoughts on “Zoe’s Family Says Thank You”

  1. So happy to hear Zoe is moving out of ICU…I’ve been checking your blogs daily to not only read whatever it is you may write about, but to see if there was a Zoe update. Thank you for the update. Video brought tears to my eyes.

  2. OK, I’m crying. I am so glad she is doing better and you did such a great job with the video, Jen. She is such a beautiful baby and her family is so blessed to have such a treasure.

  3. I noticed Carrie mentioned she was checking back to get Zoe updates. This is Zoe’s dad, and we update our blog almost daily (I’ve been slacking the past few though…) at http://www.thisheartbroken.com.

    Thanks Jen for putting this together for us. I was being filmed, and it brought tears to my eyes.

  4. what an amazing snapshot of life… zoe… thank you for blessing us with this gift and thanks to the faultner’s for their testimony through such a time as this. i look forward to the days of the faultner’s being able to come to harambee and bring zoe.

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