Works For Me: Haagen-Dazs single serving ice cream

Haagen-Dazs single serving

I almost left it at just this, a picture. Because really, what else needs to be said? But the point I’m trying to make here, is not that I buy myself single servings of ice cream, because why not just buy the entire half gallon? If I’m going to buy a bunch of single serving ice cream cups, you KNOW I’m going to just eat a bunch of single serving ice cream cups in one sitting.

Not a cost effective way to binge.

No, I buy these to assuage the guilt I feel for not stocking my house with chips and ice cream for the kids. I have no self control. If I buy a bag of chips, I will eat a bag of chips and the kids will ask me where the chips are. So? I don’t buy chips. Same with ice cream.

Why feel guilty? Because I believe in the beauty of moderation. If I could eat chips and ice cream in moderation, we would not be having this conversation. I would like my kids to learn the beauty of moderation, but since I never keep this stuff around they tend to horde snack foods in their cheeks and jacket pockets whenever we go somewhere that has snack foods.

Definitely not a sign they are grasping moderation.

The other day I spotted these cute little ice cream cups on sale at the grocery store for a dollar each, and I couldn’t resist. I bought two – one for each kid. If I eat one, I’ll have to deal with a major melt down (HA! Get it?!). So I can’t eat one. I have to leave them for the kids to have one evening after dinner. They get their special treat, I pretend to still be on a diet, and that, my friends, works for me.

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6 thoughts on “Works For Me: Haagen-Dazs single serving ice cream”

  1. Great idea! To keep myself from eating snacks, I buy a flavor that everyone else loves and I don’t like so much. Then I buy myself some delicious low calorie fruit pops and viola – no binge. A woman has got to have some snacks too 🙂

  2. I agree that these are the perfect serving size. Sometimes I buy one and eat it before I get home so nobody knows I’ve had ice cream and they didn’t. Cruel? I don’t know. Since I’m usually the last one to get any ice cream from the half gallon cartons, I think I deserve my own once in a while. And since I’m starting to have mild symptoms of lactose intolerance, this small amount of ice cream doesn’t hurt me.

  3. In Minnesota, we have Blue Bunny ice cream that comes in single servings in little rectangle tubs!! Lots of different flavors that I love so I buy 3 tubs and eat 1/2, so far I can stop there and come back the next day to finish it off OR eat 1/2 of another flavor. Variety is the spice of life!! I can make it last and stretch them out until they’re gone. Then I do NOT buy anymore for awhile. No kids around so I just play this game by myself!!

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