Works for Me: a flashlight worth buying

waterlight flashlight.jpgI wish I could take back all the money I’ve spent on flashlights for the kids. They get dropped, and the light bulb breaks. They get thrown into the pool, and won’t turn on. The batteries die, and I gotta buy more. I was totally DONE with flashlights, until Bryan discovered this one on

It’s waterproof. It has a durable LED light. It’s battery-less, and cranks for power. Hello! Obviously built for preschool boys.

We picked up a couple for the kids, and they love them. Now if only it were loss-proof. Anybody seen a flashlight?

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3 thoughts on “Works for Me: a flashlight worth buying”

  1. That’s awesome! I need that! My son LOVES flashlights, but as you said… ALWAYS takes them apart and breaks them somehow!

  2. Great find! (ha,ha)
    I went to the sight and may even get one of the hanging lanterns for emergencies.
    The next perfect addition to a flashlight would seem to be a honing device that would beep its location when lost………hmmmmm.

  3. I need a flashlight today, to pack my son for church camp! Shoot! I’ll have to order this one for next time. Ours just leaked battery acid all over everything, including the new tile! Thanks for the great tip!

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