Why lie? I need beer.

Why lie? I need a beer.
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The reality of being in start-up mode is settling in as we run out the final dregs of cash money and tap into our back-up reserves. One item in our budget that always seems to get cut is wine and liquor.

WHY I do this to myself every time money gets tight, I will never know, because when times are tough WE LIKE TO DRINK.

So after two weeks of living in a dry house, we are now buying three buck chuck from Trader Joes, and will try our darndest to make a bottle last.

When money is tight in your house, what do you cut? What must you absolutely hang on to, even when times are tough?

4 thoughts on “Why lie? I need beer.”

  1. I look back at our first round of lean years and notice there was always money for cocktails at the bar in our building. And surely for boxed wine. We’re in another lean time and it wasn’t even a question. The wine may be cheaper, but this time there is also vodka, mainly because I’m older and wiser and know how to make my own martinis or cosmos, which is surely more economical, right?

  2. I have quite a dysfunctional relationship with money (yes, it is a relationship), so I’m not sure my reasoning when cutting back is all that reasonable. I get uber controlling over the grocery budget, trying to save every penny but then I find myself (today) at TJ Maxx spending more money than I should have on cute little camo socks for my son . . .

    All that being said, we are foodies and sadly we just don’t go out very much anymore 🙁 When we do, we get appetizers or dessert.

  3. Girl. I love you.

    I just watch your Hacks video too. My heart from your mouth 🙂 Also, I think I have that same shirt. Love it. I hope we can get together before too long… with Ted and Julie too! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!!!

  4. Just saw this, excuse the delay. When money was tight with my being home with 3 kids in the early 80’s, I used the “More With Less Cookbook” written by a Mennonite lady. Still in print on Amazon or used copies. I just got one for Karen. I wore mine out. She uses simple ingredients, making things stretch, and the ingredients are ones you usually have. I loved her philosophy of making do with what you have.
    As far as what I would cut out if money were tight, and I think it is going to get tougher for all of us, would be optional items such as booze. Don and I both did not have alcohol in or out of the house from 1972-2005 as a personal choice, and I know we saved lots of money when we did eat out as establishments charge lots for their drinks. Another is ready-made-snacks at stores and making most goodies from scratch. I remember my mom did that and I survived with my 3 sisters just great.

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