Why I would duck and run if I saw you at the market.

I ran into a woman at Fred Meyer a couple months ago. We were both dropping off our kids at the while-you-shop daycare, and I said something to her about how nice it is to be able to shop without distraction. We talked for a few minutes, and then she commented on how I looked familiar to her. After rattling off a few places we might have met, she finally mentioned one of the parks within walking distance of my house, and I remembered her as a mom I chatted with on several occasions while our kids played last summer. We talked some more and then exchanged phone numbers for future play dates.

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I posted this last week, but it’s been a little crazy here at the Zughaus. This was an essay I drafted a couple months ago, and was actually part of a larger essay originaly. But as I went on and on I realized there were two threads of thought that should probably be split in order to keep it simple and short(ish).

I think I fined tuned this one in three drafts, plus a little tinkering after Bryan read through it. I also made a point of closing with a question in hopes of generating a conversation in the comments. This seemed to work, as this post contained more comments than either of the other two I posted previously. I got this idea from Jen Lemen, who I’ve noticed ends many of her posts with a thoughtful question to draw people out of lurking.

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