White Trash Gets Classy and other spontaneous events of the day.

IMG_3698Bowling isn’t the slumming event that it used to be in my college days – back when you could only display three letters of your name in the computer, thereby drawing out Viv, my sassy, gum chewing, bad ass alter ego. I’ve never been to such a high tech bowling alley as ACME Bowl. We took the kids there Saturday for some good, airconditioned fun, and we had a blast. The scoring is completely computerized, and every time Ruthie’s turn came up the gutter bumpers automatically popped up from in the floor! The hardest part was trying to keep Ruthie and Thomas both from chasing the ball down the lane – something we were not always successful at. Oops!

IMG_3709We also went to Target to buy me a yoga mat, and came out with a new bicycle for Ruthie. We’ve talked about getting her one for awhile, and yesterday just seemed like a good day. She’s so stuck in a rut with her boring three wheeled life that she kept calling it her new tricycle. Poor kid doesn’t even know how cool she is.

We walked to the park and she rode most of the way by herself. As I walked behind her, I couldn’t help noticing the muscles in her calves flexing and her long legs stretching to reach the pedals and the fact that she’s even OLD enough to ride a bicycle. She starts preschool tomorrow, and so far I’ve been in denial. I’m so screwed.

3 thoughts on “White Trash Gets Classy and other spontaneous events of the day.”

  1. for those who didn’t click the links, you NEED to see the flickr slideshow of the pixs. Knowing Ruthie and Thomas, the pixs made me roll.

    I can’t believe you bought her a Dora bike…

  2. […]I can’t believe you bought her a Dora bike…[…]

    Hey, it was either that or a Barbie bike, and we’re not letting THAT skinny bitch into the house! 🙂

  3. I love the pic of Bryan hunched over pushing the bike while Ruthie walks. That’s a good dad. 😉

    I’m also glad to see that she doens’t have to suit up in medieval purple armor EVERYTIME she goes on her bike. Just when she’s feeling swoony.

    Soooo cute…

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