What All Four Year Olds Do With Scissors…

The other day I let the kids use their blunt scissors to make beautiful creations with paper. Later on, as I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch, they both went up stairs to get ready for naps. I could hear them up there, screaming as they played catch with a ball – then silence.

Thomas wandered downstairs asking for milk. I asked where his sister was, and went up to investigate. She was nowhere to be found. I called her name, and she answered me… from under Thomas’ bed.

I noticed that she had a pair of scissors in her hand, and I noticed that she was hiding under the bed.

“What are you cutting under there?”


“You’re cutting something, and you’re hiding it from me. Confess it to me now, because if I have to figure it out on my own you’ll be in worse trouble” [translate: spanking].

“…my hair.”

She crawled out from under the bed and I saw her poor, chopped, hair. It was so, so, sad. Fortunately, it fixed up pretty nice, but I miss her cute little Ruthie haircut. This one is growing on me, but it makes her look so much older, and I’m not ready for older.

We all took it in stride, though, especially me. It is, after all, only hair.

5 thoughts on “What All Four Year Olds Do With Scissors…”

  1. Wow! She really went to it didn’t she? From the stories you’ve shared about Ruthie, I wouldn’t have expected any less…just cutting a small portion from the top of her head would seem like an underachievement! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to have mom see this – she LOVES short haircuts!!!!!
    I’ve never had the hair-cutting stuff, but I did find that any time there was an onset of an illness or injury requiring a doctor’s visit – it was just AFTER all the clinics closed (even the Saturday am ones). So then we’d need to use the much-more-expensive emergency room. I’m glad you were able to find someone to fix up her hair quickly and wonderfully! Now we see more of Ruthie’s cute, little face!

  3. Her new hair cut is absolutely adorable. I’m glad she didn’t decide to practice on Thomas as well :)! Miss you.

  4. My mom has similar pictures of my hair cutting experimentation. I had impeccable timing. I cut my bangs to the scalp just before we went to see her family and before I had school pictures.

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