What a Drip

I just went outside to turn on the drip watering system my dad helped installed in my garden yesterday. It was our first home project together. Ever. And it was strangely comforting and normalizing to have my father helping me with a home project. It was all his idea, too. He mentioned the equipment he had, he hauled it all down to my house, and he designed the layout.

Dad the Landscaper

The man has energy! We started out the morning digging up and pulling out weeds in my rose garden. From the moment his shovel hit the dirt until he drove away in his Land Rover the man never. stopped. moving. It just goes to prove how ready I am for a workup by a Naturopath to find the source of my lack of energy, because by hour two of hard garden labor I felt bested by a 68 year old retiree!

Thomas the Assistant Landscaper

Around 4:00 we came in and I gave him a soda for the road. I thanked him for coming, we hugged awkwardly, and we shared a brief unspoken look that communicated the deeper significance of our time together that day. I am blessed by healed relationships, changed perspective, altered expectations.

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