weekend in pictures

Thanks to some Christmas money we still had and friends who loaned us their house in a beach town, we still had a wonderful getaway weekend alone. As in, without kids. It was kind of nice getting jostled out of our regular Portland routine (and out of our regular ocean routine, as well). We explored and did things we’d never seen or done before, which made for a spontaneous and adventurous time.

So, we may not have stayed at the hip Kennedy School, and we may not have received our spa massages, but we still relaxed, we still connected, and we still had fun.

Thanks to all who helped make it happen by loving and caring for our kids.

5 thoughts on “weekend in pictures”

  1. Is that Astoria? We went for a day trip for our anniversary a year ago…so beautiful. This weekend we got away, too–to our favorite Rockaway beac house, also owned by friends and thus cheap, beatiful, and chock-full of memories. (Pea was even conceived there…whoops). Glad you had a nice get-away. I’m starting to look forward to weekend trips sans bebes…

  2. I’d say this looks like it was a pretty good replacement for the same-old, same-old!! Great scenery and great pictures….I’m jealous!

  3. hi !! I actually clicked “yes” when it asked if I wanted to go around again on the tour – it was great. I love the way you have a spot for me to sign in with my comments BUT I wonder how you feel when I miss getting there! I’m sorry because I love your pictures, comments and a slice of your life – thanks!!

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