Virgin Post

Being that I love to write, that I never have time to write, that I therefore never do write, and that there are many people who would like me to write, I saw the wisdom in setting up a blog.

Now, there are only a few things I know about blogs:

a) I can write something once for everyone to read — no more multiple email updates

b) you can reply to what I write and tell me I’m the wisest person you know, or that I’m completely full of bologna, or that you like cheese toast.

c) in a particularly stressful time for my family, we can all communicate in one forum without the round-robin of phone calls or technically challenged email users.

However, d) this may be the most important to note — this will be posted on the world wide web, which makes it possible for the whole wide world to know our business.

Point d) can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you are and what you post, so keep that in mind.

All that being said, I’m now feeling a bit gun-shy about writing in a forum. I liken it to two respectable ladies entering a public restroom at the same time, who each enters her own toilet stall, then sits in complete silence while waiting for the other to make the first tinkle. So perhaps I won’t dive in just now with all of my thoughts and musings on grief, healing, and faith. But know that as of late these thoughts are always with me, and I have missed sharing them with my pen and paper.

So this is my Big Step for the day — to commit to writing again — and I have the community of the World Wide Web to keep me accountable to that commitment. Please, go easy on me — I’m a virgin blogger.