Una cerveza, por favor.

Okay first of all: the swim suit (ever the eccentric). Second of all: the crazy bad hair “fix” after she chopped it all off herself. And finally: the fact that she looks and sounds exactly the same, except she can’t seem to get the words out around those huge cheeks!

I was reminded of this 2007 video of Ruthie “speaking sign language” today, as she stood on our front porch speaking to our (new!) Mexican neighbors in fake Spanish.

Yes, you heard me. And yes, it’s as embarrassing as you’re imagining.

“Hola!” she said. Then fired off a long string of “nodocomalannoporrolucawanna….” etc.

“Your hospitality is inspiring,” I said. “Way to welcome them to the neighborhood. But I’m not sure they’ll take your… um… Spanish in the spirit you intend.”

Fortunately, my new neighbor is awesome and has a sense of humor.

3 thoughts on “Una cerveza, por favor.”

  1. Jen you absolutely made my morning with this! My boys are at their Dads right now and missing them its always good to be reminded of the awesome free spirit they have… that I see in Ruthie!! (major run on sentence). Hope you are well!

  2. Your blog post is too funny!

    Maybe your neighbors would be interested in having a weekly convo hour with me? I’m super duper rusty and would love the opportunity to brush up.

  3. I think I just peed! I’m so glad I’m not the only mama who has endured this humiliation. Hi-larious!

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