‘Tis the Season to be… bawl-ly?

Christmas09I hate feeling like I “survived” Christmas, but that about sums it up.

Regular life typically feels overwhelming to me, particularly during the depressing rainy months. Christmas adds more errands, more spending, more pressure to perform, and more guilt when it all falls short.

I know what the season is about – Joy, Peace, and the Gift God gave in his Son who redeems us. This is what I treasure about Christmas.

Is it possible to embrace the MEANING of Christmas, but still hate Christmas?

One thought on “‘Tis the Season to be… bawl-ly?”

  1. I struggle with Christmas also…thanks for sharing. That’s kind of a good way of looking at it though…embrace the meaning of Christmas while not the busyness and chaos.

    God bless you in the New Year

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