Things That Happened Today

Today I fell on my ass in the middle of the street, and when I did, the digital camera I was holding hit the ground. Despite the fact that I was in pain and in danger of being run over by a car, my first reaction was to check the camera for any damage.

It was knocked into a different setting (I was walking while trying to take a picture, which is the reason I fell), but seems to still be opening, closing, and taking pictures.


Bryan passed the Concerned Husband test, though. When I told him what happened his first question was, Are you okay? Then his second question was, Which shoes were you wearing? because he hates a certain pair of my shoes and I’m sure he wanted to blame them for my fall.

Mom and I sat in on Ruthie’s preschool class today, which is a Spanish immersion preschool. Today they counted (in Spanish), and practiced holding a pencil, and traced lines, and learned about the color amarillo. On the way home I asked my mom what she thought, and she said she liked it but wondered if maybe the teacher spoke too much Spanish?

I thought that was cute.

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