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I was surfing YouTube last night and came across this video – a very serious matter. I implore everyone who reads this, to watch and find some way to contribute to this worthy cause. Won’t you please help us save the rock?

Also, I caught my fair share of baseball this last weekend, and I have to say the Twins are a much more fun team to watch than the Mariners. The actually get excited when good things happen – it’s like they’re little kids playing in the neighborhood, only they kick ass on the Yankees.

Anyhow, in this article in the Star Tribune, Patrick Reusse calls out a sensitive issue the pitcher faced during the game:

Baker’s other distressing moment came in the second, when his jockstrap broke on a 3-2 foul ball by Jorge Posada. His protective cup came free and started sliding down his leg.

Baker motioned catcher Joe Mauer toward the mound. When Mauer arrived, he said, “Joe, my cup’s down by my knee.”

Mauer, always a young man of common sense, replied: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Baker went to the dugout, removed the cup, retired Posada to end the inning, then raced up the steps to get a new jockstrap to secure the cup.

You didn’t want to face this Yankees lineup without proper protection? “Not a chance,” Baker said.

On a family note, my lovely daughter dropped the F-bomb in my 70-year-old Baptist mother’s presence over the weekend (gee, I wonder where she picked up THAT language). I thought I handled it quite well despite Marge’s near-fatal gasp of shock. To be honest, it doesn’t really bother me when she swears. And to her credit, she used the word in THE most appropriate scenario: she was frustrated – no, dare I say PISSED – and acting out in rebellion against me, and I was trying to reign her in. I can’t say I wouldn’t have said the same thing in her shoes.

In fact, after Marge passed out I reminded Ruthie that Mama uses that word when she does not have a Happy Heart, and wasn’t it true that in using that word it means RUTHIE doesn’t have a happy heart? And to my complete joy she ACTUALLY GOT IT. I do believe I’m raising a genius despite myself.

One thought on “Things That Crack Me Up”

  1. jen, i am in love with your pilings. why aren’t you writing books? (or are you…..?)

    after we saw eachother at beth’s shower, when you told me about your site, i’ve looked on here a number of times and have been utterly DELIGHTED each time. i feel like i want to sit here for hours with a box of kleenex, some chocolate and a blanket, and hunker down like i’m watching the best girl movie ever. and i am not a ‘chick-flick’ type of girl, so that is not an insult! i feel like i want to scream out “YES!! I KNOW!!!” at like half of what you write (well, of what i’ve read…). i laugh out loud, (which also means that it’s THAT freakin good), and it envokes emotion in me – such as ‘oh, i’m NOT the only one!’

    i just wanted to say how stinkin awesome it is that you share your life with everyone. i hope you keep it up, because i love it. is that selfish? ;o)

    love ya,

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