Things That Are Taken Way… Too… Far….

Standing in line at the grocery store last week I saw this magazine: Lose a Pound a Day on the Da Vinci Code Diet! I almost went into a tirade right there in the middle of Fred Meyer because of the rediculousness of it. A weekly magazine should really reduce the frequency of publication if they are THAT hard up for material.

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Upon closer inspection I see the subtitle: Hidden Inside The Best Seller – The Secret Scientific Formula That Unlocks Fat!

I mean, IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY? And do they think anyone will see this and go, “OH MY GOSH! I *TOTALLY* *KNEW* IT!” And buy ten copies for themselves and all their friends?

I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but I’m just so tired of the hype.

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One thought on “Things That Are Taken Way… Too… Far….”

  1. I completely agree with you…not to mention, if women actually tried all those diets, and they all worked, would any of us be chubby/fat/overweight? Doubt it. 🙂

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