Things That Are Life Changing

IMG_2878About a month ago I posted about my friend who had given birth to a baby girl in need of a new heart. Zoe was born on July 2nd, and has been on the transplant list to receive a new heart since shortly after she was born. The family learned of Zoe’s heart condition at Zoe’s 20-week ultrasound in February, and in the months that followed it was determined a heart transplant was the only option for Zoe.

This evening they recieved the call they had been waiting for – a heart for Zoe has become available.

PLEASE, dear Internet, stand with me. If you pray, please pray. If you meditate, or think positive thoughts, or light a candle to remember, please do so with me as Zoe goes into surgery tonight to receive a new heart. In your thoughts and prayers, please consider these things:

– Peace for the Faultner family as they rush to prepare for this life changing event.

– Strength for little Zoe to endure the very lengthy surgery.

– Strength and wisdom for the doctors and the other medical staff, as they perform this complicated surgery.

– The donor’s family, as they are experiencing a tremendous loss at this time.

Beyond these facts, I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment to write any more. I am truly amazed at how such a thing is even possible, that two forms of life can be fused together to support each other. I will keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “Things That Are Life Changing”

  1. I believe in the miracles of science and the divine.

    My dad received the miraculous gift of a heart transplant 9 years ago on Valentine’s Day. The surgery went well and the heart was a perfect match.

    Today is my birthday and I’m only asking my Heavenly Father for one thing. “Please Lord, … “

  2. There is so much more going on here than we can comprehend, isn’t there? Watching my children play in the afternoon sunshine the other day, I just could not believe bombs could be dropping on Beirut. I don’t know how to make sense of the bad, but I treasure the good. Sending prayers for Zoe.

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