Things That Almost Killed Me This Summer

It’s Labor Day, and thanks be to Jesus that school starts on Wednesday (hopefully there’s no teacher strike!).

I’m sure the school year will have a new set of irritations, but here are 5 things I’d like to ditch for Fall:

  • Boys who think toasting a bagel is too hard and takes too long.
  • Siblings who won’t stop fighting, but refuse to stay away from each other.
  • Girls who throw a fit every ten seconds when The Universe doesn’t deliver on her expectations.
  • Candy for breakfast, bagels for lunch, ramen for dinner, ice cream for dessert, and a $500 dentist bill.
  • The phrase, “WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE?” when asked to put away shoes.

Raise your hand if you’re ready for school!

One thought on “Things That Almost Killed Me This Summer”

  1. My hand was and is raised, and will be raised for the rest of the year. I love my children, as I know you love your’s, but the fighting, oh the fighting. The neighbors who complain about summer time noise of big kids playing outside in the cooler evenings. School has started, and much as I detest the early mornings, I do love the mid day hours with just the two littlest home.

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