Things I never expected would happen

I love to watch Conan O’Brien, so when I visit family in the Midwest I love to watch him consequence-free because prime time television programing begins one hour earlier there than here in Seattle.

As my mom channel surfed one night, she happened to land on NBC just as his show was beginning, and I squealed for her to stop it here! stop it here!

She commented about how weird he was, and I said, Isn’t that just GREAT? And I gave confirming giggles as he hopped and preened and jerked around awkwardly on the stage, his solid mass of hair flopping around as he went. And then he did that marionette move in which he pulls on the ‘strings’ attached to his hips – my favorite thing EVER – and my mother burst into laughter.

SEE?!?! I exclaimed, isn’t he just the WEIRDEST kind of funny???

And the channel surfing stopped, and my mother and I enjoyed the silliness together.

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