There comes a point when lounging around in your pajamas actually begins to hurt.

Right before Thanksgiving Bryan bought an Apple TV because he had to “study the interface for work.” Studying the marketplace is how we come by most of our technology at the ZugHaus.

Carpenters buy hammers, we buy gadgets.

The day after Thanksgiving I woke up with a sore throat that spiraled into a full blown head cold by noon. This took the fun out of having a pajama day. I want to spend the day in my pajamas because I choose to spend the day in my pajamas, not because I need to nap during a commute between the bed and the couch.

So the procurement of the Apple TV turned out to be a well timed investment, saving me from hours of channel surfing the likes of the WB and Hallmark.

It started innocently enough, streaming the series pilot of MI-5 from the BBC. I’m always up for a good spy drama, and the BBC puts out consistently fabulous entertainment.

I don’t think a person ever sets out to become an addict. They’re at a party one night & one of their jerk friends says, Hey, wanna snort a line? And if nothing particularly bad happens that night you may try again at the next party. And the next. And the next, until you’re sneaking it into work and snorting in the janitor’s closet during your lunch hour.

All this to say I could not stop watching MI-5. After about five episodes I began to get a twitch if 15 minutes went by and I wasn’t watching it.

I ended up blowing through 18 episodes in three days. That is an astounding 900 minutes – 15 hours – of television. To my credit, I couldn’t pour a cup of tea without feeling exhausted so it’s not like I would have been doing anything but watching tv anyway, so at least I was watching something decent.

But still. 15 hours.

And it was so much spy drama that I began to think with a British accent. And I said things to my kids like, “it’s proper protocol for you to take out the rubbish.”

One more sick day and I surely would have been given over to the madness.

But I’m grateful for my Apple TV nonetheless. It’s about the same cost as a TiVo (I think), but doesn’t require a monthly fee, and does so much more. Not only can I stream Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr, but it accesses everything on our home server like music and movies.

I may never leave my bed again.

4 thoughts on “There comes a point when lounging around in your pajamas actually begins to hurt.”

  1. I love you so much Jen! Sorry you were feeling sick! I know what you mean though…forced pajama days are for the bloody birds!

  2. 900 hours? 18 episodes of MI-5 is a lot, but I don’t think it’s 900 hours. Maybe 900 minutes?

  3. hahahahaha!


    I’m still loopy in the head with all my snottage, obviously.

    Even so, 900 of ANYTHING still seems like a lot of time. 🙂

  4. sick for 3 days huh? 900 hours of tv? jealous? why yes I am…. although I did the same 2 weekends ago. Hey…. BBC is crack by the way so don’t feel too bad.

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