The “Ultimate” marriage

Brad and MichelleWe spent New Year’s Eve at my BIL’s house, and my SIL mentioned something about watching cage fighting over the weekend while we were gone. I’ve known my BIL has been into cage fighting for years, so this prompted me to ask the question of whether she was into it because HE was into it, or if she liked it all on her own.

She responded quickly and confidently: Oh, I’ve been watching cage fighting since I was in High School.

She went on to tell me that for their first date my BIL took her to a cage fight, and during their courtship they made several trips to Vegas to watch Ultimate Fighting tournaments. This explains so much to me about their wedding on a “bridge” over a “river” in the famous Venetian casino hotel. It was perfect for them!

One thought on “The “Ultimate” marriage”

  1. Maybe there is something about good marriages that start at the bridge on the Venetian. Robert proposed to me on new year’s eve 2002 on the Bridge at the Venetian while the fireworks were going off. We are in Vegas for CES and it has been fun to relive that memory 🙂

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