The Tongue, it is for speaking.

Who knew that simply communicating could be so useful.

I’m feeling a little melancholy about Christmas this year and haven’t been too excited about shopping or decorating. This is highly unusual for me, so I figured I would regret it down the road if I ignored Christmas this year.

I began feeling bitter at the thought that Bryan might wait around for me to do something, instead of just being excited about it himself and getting me into it.

Then I realized how ridiculous it was for me to become bitter about a hypothetical situation that hadn’t even come to fruition. Yet.

Then I realized that (duh) the best way to head off this hypothetical situation was to just TALK to Bryan about how I was feeling (thank you, Jenny, for pointing out the obvious to me – Have you ever thought of talking to him? She asked. She knows me well, that I would rather steep in the bitterness of unmet expectations than communicate my feelings).

So I IM’d Bryan at work and said, I’m depressed and not really into Christmas this year, but I know I’ll regret that decision later so I really need you to be into it this year for my sake.

Know what he said?

He said, Let’s get a tree tonight, then.

I so love him.

And I’m a dork.

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