The Regular

This is what I love the most about living in a walkable community – being The Regular. I walk into the Coffee/Wine Bar near my house and Charlie the Customer greets me, asking me how the book is coming along. He says he admires me for my consistency in setting aside time to write.

The lovely barista is excited to tell me she has two more pours of that New Zealand Pinot I had last week, and would I like her to start my goat cheese plate?

It’s Peg’s birthday today (she’s another Regular) and we share stories as she drinks her birthday beer.

There are many things that I like about being spontaneous and adventurous, but community and familiarity is what grounds me. I am faithful to my little coffee shop on the corner, and it’s a comfortable place for me to write. I’m the fat guy at the end of the bar that everyone knows by name. I have arrived.

3 thoughts on “The Regular”

  1. Oh man, I love community! I love showing the latest baby pictures to the cashiers at Trader Joe’s….I love the people at the two coffee shops we frequent who remember Pea’s name and who flirt with her…. I love remembering little details about them, in return. This is what the world is supposed to be like, you know?

  2. Man, all the back story I really have on that scene! Sometimes the picture you paint is a good reminder to me that this is good, this is community, and not just jerks, pervs, and bad tippers. I strive hard to keep that in mind. Thanks for reminding me.

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