The power of the Internet to connect.

whymommy.jpgLast night and this morning I saw rumblings on the Internet – on Twitter, to be exact. WhyMommy was receiving well wishes and prayers and good thoughts. This morning when I was awake before the crack of dawn, East Coast friend Mommy Needs a Cocktail IM’d me a link to WhyMommy’s blog (after IM’ing: I don’t even want to know why you are up at this hour), and she asked me to pray.

Turns out WhyMommy is receiving a double mastectomy today.

I checked out her blog, her story of cancer, and began weeping when I saw her children were only 1 and 3 years old. Such a scary experience to go through for everyone. Such weight on a mother’s shoulders as she attempts to guide her kids through it, while grieving and feeling fearful herself.

In the same way blogging brought light and clarity to me through grief and depression and anger, and in the same way it surrounded me with people who prayed and related and said, “Thank you. I thought I was the only one.” In the same way blogging expanded my universe to include all of you, those I call friends (the ones who don’t lurk, anyway), it seems WhyMommy has received comfort from the Internet as well.

Waiting. In waiting room, she Twitters. why must i wait in preop alone? and then, whymommy was wheeled into the OR a few minutes ago.

And now, someone I don’t even know, someone I never heard about until a few hours ago, has a new cheerleader because the Internet had her back.

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