The Male/Female Communication Gap

building towers with blocksFor Thomas’ birthday we bought him large plastic blocks – and I mean LARGE as in several inches across and deep so I don’t have to step on or find little blocks all. over. my house.

Last night Ruthie and Thomas were stacking them high into a tower and giggling as they knocked the tower down. At one point Ruthie paused just before demolition to elaborately explain to me exactly what was about to happen. Perhaps she will one day administrate, manage, or lead people, because she was very organized about the whole thing.

Just as she was getting to the good part, with her hand fisted and finger pointing out for emphasis, saying, ‘…and then I’m going to count to three, and then I’m going to knock it over!’ Thomas became impatient, swooped in with his own finger pointing for emphasis and shouts, ‘…two….three….ahhhhhh!’ and knocks the tower over prematurely, completely stealing her thunder.

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