The Life Cycle of a Procrastinator

Bryan says my procrastination turns him into the enemy, that it defeats our missional purpose as a family.

This got me thinking about the life cycle of my procrastination. Since Bryan is so into Pattern Recognition as a way of life, I thought he would appreciate the following confession:

    1. I feel overwhelmed by something
    2. My fear paralyzes me and I do nothing
    3. I feel guilty about dropping the ball, and I hide the problem from Bryan
    4. When Bryan discovers the problem, he confronts me, and I react in bitterness
    5. And it makes me feel like a failure
    6. And I become angry
    7. And blame circumstances or other people without taking responsibility for myself
    8. Which causes me to throw things in the general vicinity of Bryan

So… if admitting you have a problem is half the battle, NOW what do I do?

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