The Great Purge of 2007

clean porch2This morning I tackled my front porch, the first thing people see when they approach my door. It was not a welcoming sight, to say the least.

This project only took half an hour, mostly because it was uninterrupted time: Thomas was still sleeping, and Ruthie was working out her bad attitude alone in her room. It’s amazing what one can accomplish without interruption!

The beauty of the front porch got me on a roll, and I was able to pick up all the clutter in the living room and dining room as well, and get the vacuuming done.

These are the items I cleared off the porch that didn’t belong there:

clean porch1leaves from last fall
snow shovel
garden shovels and rakes
accessories for a stroller we no longer own
snow boots
an old area rug
our current stroller’s rain cover
a pile of stuff intended for the goodwill
training potty (last used during the summer)

I really do feel my mind breathing a sigh of relief when my house is clean. Do you feel the same way?

One thought on “The Great Purge of 2007”

  1. don’t know when the last time my entire house was clean, but I do feel a sigh of relief to see a clean kitchen when I come down the stairs in the morning, or when I have just finished cleaning it. If I have one room that is clean, I am happy, or at least marginally happy, and then it gets messy again (very quickly I might add).

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