the flood is too deep

Nobody warned me about the last two weeks of school. I think plenty of you had ample opportunity to wave your arms in the air, wild-eyed and frazzled, somehow communicating to me that I would be run ragged with year-end crap.

So, THANKS for that.

Also, who said I could be depressed? I didn’t order up any depression! It’s been sunny and hot for 28 days, for crying out loud – WHAT DO I HAVE TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT? But no matter what I do, I just can’t stop crying. And no, it’s not that – how shall I say? time of the month – to be crying, either. And besides, that time of the month doesn’t last forEVER, and that’s how long I’ve been crying. IT’S JUST NOT NORMAL.

And then there’s all the Stuff that keeps happening and needs to be Figured Out. And the Money that needs to be Found. And the Stress that needs to be Waded Through.

So yeah, when I heard this song, I cried the Ugly Cry, because I’m spent and need a twenty year nap.

Ghost Ship: Speak (listen here)
The rain is pouring down
There’s water flowing out
of a puncture in your side
it soaks me to my bones

This flood is too deep
for me to catch a breath
and I feel I will sink
to a certain death

this flood is too deep
this flood is too deep
the blood is washing over me
your ___ that set me free

and you’ve washed me now I’m clean
you’ve washed me now I’m clean
you’ve washed me now I’m clean

One thought on “the flood is too deep”

  1. Jen, you will get through this. Every June when the kids were in school, it happens. Then summer vacation starts, you adjust to having the kids home all day, and after a week or two it gets normal. So normal you love it – the lack of routine. Then near August the school age kids need more structure, actually more than I usually did, and I begrudgingly start buying school supplies, clothes, etc. I used to get a bit depressed at this time just thinking of the kids being home all day, bored, fighting siblings, etc. And you know I am not a depressed-type person, almost totally sanguine, but as women we get that way.
    Then when they suddenly grow up and move out, you miss those times they were home and don’t know what to do with yourself…and get a cat like I did, only to realize it was not what I needed and find the cat a better home with somebody who loved the critter. Hope that helps just a little,

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