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Watching the Leung family’s video productions of Guinea Pig TV is inspiring to me as I think of more ways to engage Ruthie in creative projects, especially ones that involve technology. Ruthie loves to take pictures on our digital camera, so we bought her the Fischer Price digital camera for kids – one that can withstand a little beating. However, I have not taken her past the photo capture to the photo posting – she just takes a bunch of pictures, and often Thomas ends up deleting them because the big red ‘delete’ button is the most noteable button on the camera (a design flaw, in my opinion – what two-year-old WOULDN’T want to press a big red button?).

In my new daily routine I have set aside time in the mornings – before my slacker son wakes up – to do something creative or instructive with Ruthie to engage her in something other than Dora the Explorer. I think I’ll start with her photography – letting her take pictures, then immediately uploading them to the Zooomr account we opened for her waaaaaay back in October. Maybe it would be fun for her to create her own titles for each picture?

Anyhow, you should check out Julie’s introduction to Guinea Pig TV, as well as the video blog itself.

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  1. We got Will the Fisher Price camera this year too. He loves it! We get a lot a pictures of feet and Thomas the Tank Engine mixed in with pictures of faces but he is having fun. We haven’t downloaded them yet either…one step at a time.

  2. Over here in Australia we have on our train platforms these communication box type thingys, where if you press the green button it tells you what time the train is dued, and then a nice bright red button that should NEVER be pressed unless it’s for an emergency. Everytime I read the “Never press unless for an emergency”, I think to myself, “I wonder how many children have gone to press that red button and their mum or dad has to go into Superman speed to stop them.”

    No, red buttons and children don’t mix.

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