Technology 101

My mother is good at a lot of things.

She’s a great teacher, a loyal friend, kind to strangers, and she’s the YOUNGEST seventy-year-old I know.

A computer whiz, she is not.

“Jennifer, I’m just SICK about this, but I think I erased all those pictures you sent me!”

“What pictures? I didn’t send you any pictures.”

“You emailed all those cute pictures of Ruthie and Thomas, and I just can’t find where they are on my computer.”

“I didn’t email you the pictures, mom. I sent you a link to my website. You were looking at the pictures on the internet, not on your computer.”

“Well I tried typing that website into my email but I couldn’t get it to work.”

“Into your email?”

“Oh, I suppose I would have to put that on the internet, wouldn’t I?”

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