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I was tagged. It was Dave who did it, and because he tagged me all the way from Australia, I’ll humor him.

It might be difficult to find eight things you don’t know about me, since many of the people who read this blog include my husband, my mother, and friends I’ve known since I had bad hair and wore pleated plaid skirts. So this may actually be, Eight Things Most of You Didn’t Know About Me But the Rest of You Can Move On To Your Next Feed.

1. My brother and my sister were 11 and 13 when I was born, and since they were both off to college by the time I was 7, I was basically raised as an only child.

2. As a teenager I was picked up for shoplifting in a department store, but not before leading the undercover security guards on a 21 Jumpstreet-like chase through the mall. And like most bad movies in which the chased person inevitably runs up the stairs or ladder to a roof top, inducing screams from me such as, “Why the hell are you trapping yourself on the roof???” – I ran into a bathroom where I obviously had no way out, and was caught. A desperate cry for help? You be the judge.

3. I once lived in a house with 10 other girls. And no, it was not an orphanage or juvenile detention home – we were friends!

4. I once spent the night in a hammock on a boat going down the Amazon River, squeezed in uncomfortably with other traveling Brazilians, and watched a cute little Brazilian baby while his mother went to get some food.

5. In college I got to be a rock star, singing in a band for a major talent show. I’m a horrible singer, yet somehow we won first prize with our version of ‘Closer to Fine.’ I think it was Alecia’s red cowboy boots that won favor with the judges.

6. I never got drunk until I became a mother. I wouldn’t recommend it.

7. For more than ten years I thought having one really close friend was enough. Now I recognize the value in a community of friends, as no one person can be everything you need her to be.

8. Growing up, my mother’s family was close personal friends with Garrison Keillor’s family. The year before Gordy got cancer, he and my mom and my sister went to Gary’s house after a Prairie Home Companion show, and they all made dinner together in his big kitchen. Gary also told a special story on the air about my grandma’s gift of hospitality as a memorial when she died. He called her Aunt Leila.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me eight things about yourself in my comments, or link to a list on your own blog. I specifically tag Jenny, Maryam, Mommy Needs a Cocktail, Heartichoke, and Leah.

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  1. I actually enjoy reading these…it’s fun to learn some little unusual facts about people!
    1. My father was killed in Vietnam when I was 7 weeks old. I have only one photo with both of us in it.
    2. I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 6 seconds (accurately!)
    3. I once sang with Amy Grant on a popular morning show in San Diego (“Big Yellow Taxi”, she played guitar and sang back up vocals!)
    4. I always nursed a secret passion to attend a “Fame”-like high school and then after nursed a nasty bitterness that I didn’t (lovely, huh?)
    5. I wasn’t allowed to listen to rock music or dance until I was in high school (by that time my pastor father had moved sufficiently away from fundamentalism and into a grace oriented reformed theology)
    6. I am WAY more insecure than people think I am (being an extrovert helps hide those things, I think)
    7. I had an emergency root canal THIS MORNING!
    8. I was (also) arrested for shoplifting…ninth grade…the first time…trying to “prove” something…so dumb!

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